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In compliance with Ghana’s Petroleum (Local Content and Local Participation) Regulations, 2013 (L.I. 2204), Mansa Holdings and its subsidiary companies are actively engaged in ensuring that the project activities in the petroleum industry value chain employs qualifies human resource, as well as incorporate knowledge transfer mechanisms to train the indigenous workforce.

The objectives of the L.I. 2204 regulation include:

  • To attain a minimum level of employment of indigenous Ghanaians, as well as in-country expenditure on goods and services within the oil and gas sector value chain.
  • To improve the capability and global competitiveness of domestic businesses.
  • To sustain economic development through the creation of petroleum and associated supportive industries.
  • To achieve and sustain a certain degree of control by indigenous Ghanaians as stakeholders in petroleum development initiatives.


Beyond the requirements stipulated by L.I. 2204, we are proud to partner with companies that shares our collective vision to develop Ghanaians to be active contributors in every facet of the oil and gas sector.

Mansa Holdings have been instrumental in providing industry-related training and internships in careers including engineering, geology and geoscience and project management. We are confident that our company’s continued efforts to add value to the job creation and knowledge transfer framework of Ghana will ultimately add to the economic uplift of many local workers.

Additionally, Mansa Holdings and its companies continue to leverage local expertise in a variety of technical and professional skills to compete with multinational companies for domestic work. Our competitive advantage has been our excellent execution of projects despite the challenges inherent in a growing industry and a constantly-changing market.








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